To provide a higher quality of life for Shiba Inus through education and critical care for neglected and/or abused dogs that are at risk of death if left homeless. To pledge to work with other animal organizations and nurture a partnership to reduce the unnecessary quantity of euthanized Shiba Inus across the United States.


NW Shibas4Life Rescue (NWSR) is an all volunteer 501(c)(3) organization that operates with a small handful of active volunteers who juggle rescue around work and family. We are dedicated to rehabilitating abandoned, neglected, and abused Shiba Inus in the Northwest and have been doing so since 1999. Our dogs come from a variety of sources. We successfully partner with other animal organizations with the common interest of wanting homes properly screened and prepared for the breed. We work with owner surrenders that do not research the breed well enough and are attracted to the looks, but do not match the breed, or have a life change that prevents them from keeping their dog. We band together with local and National clubs to educate the public and share information. We partner with law enforcement agencies in Oregon to shut down backyard breeders and commercial puppy millers. Our Shibas are Our Passion!


We're only as good as our mission statement if we succeed! We will only succeed with help from our communities and social networking among animal lovers who want to change animal neglect and abuse, one life at a time! Maybe you can't foster a Shiba but can you donate food, treats or toys? These items make a huge difference with a suffering Shiba trying to recover. Maybe you can't volunteer to help us but can you solicit one auction item that will generate money? The money will contribute to a Shiba's expensive medical bills. Maybe you don't have the time to fundraise with us but can you make time to ask your employer if they match donations through a program like "easymatch"? Some employers match donations up to 50% which really adds up for rescue!

Take a look at the dogs on this page because all of them were at a high risk of death.

Jewel was abused when her owner chose to leave rusted chicken wire on her leg knowing she could die. She was only a 12 pound baby when she felt scared and extreme pain. She licked us to beg for help. We had hours before choosing to amputate to save her life!

Phoenix was neglected when left to live in a puppymill. He was frail and weak due to severe parasites, lack of food, no Vet care, and living outside in freezing temperatures with no shelter. His skin hurt to be touched. His own immune system turned on him!

Mama was abused when someone caused her trauma and dislocated her hip so badly that bone on bone was grinding painfully. Her collar was so embedded into her neck that it took off three times the size of skin. While all of this was troubling she was pregnant and delivered two puppies. She never once complained!

Angel was neglected and lived in a puppymill in fear. She felt bad and no one loved her enough to take her to the Vet. She roamed among 200 dogs that made sure the little food they had never went to her. She was wasting away and limp when she was saved!

We urge you to take the time to read through our website and prevent one more Shiba from being euthanized across the United States by determining if the breed is right for you! We Welcome you, we will Educate you, take you through pre-Adoption, Adoption, share Happy Tails with you, and Support you through your journey!